Services And Activities

The staff at Medana's reception are happy to explain your activity options:

  • Glasbottom boat excursions over the reef, snorkelling or fishing.
  • A traditional outrigger sailing boat is also available. Visit the island or sail beyond, trailing a fishing line.
  • Nearby our associated Beach Dive Club with first class instructors and equipment ranks amongst the best in Indonesia.
  • The exquisite Sira Beach Golf Course is only minutes away from Medana Resort.
  • Chartering a seaplane and soaring over Indonesia's highest volcano.
  • Enjoy soft trekking with a local guide in the nearby mountain ranges.
  • For extra excitement try a Rafting tour.
  • Guided tours will take you to the temples and sights of Lombok. Visit the artmarkets or the kampungs (villages), where local art, pearls and weavings are sold directly.
  • Enjoy a Traditional massage by local therapist.
  • The emerging nightlife in the tourism centre Senggigi, is within easy reach.
  • Honeymoon packages available.
Medana's generous guest to staff ratio of 1:2 allows us to give personal attention to everyone of our visiting friends.